We learn about retrospectives and how to run sprint retrospective in Slack with our tool on the basis of the Slack bot – Standuply.

The remote world today opens all the doors for using apps to improve productivity in Slack and save valuable time. That’s the reason why Agile teams now are choosing digital scum masters – Slack standup bots for running standup meetings and all other scrum ceremonies there. 

What is Sprint Retrospective?

In short, the retrospective meeting is the team’s gathering together to discuss work done and plan ways to increase the quality and effectiveness of the next sprint. 

During the retrospective team answers 3 main retrospective questions:


  • went well in the Sprint?
  • could be improved?
  • will we commit to improving in the next Sprint?

That’s a short explanation of a simple retrospective meeting that is held at every sprint loop end.

Sprint Retrospective iterations

Do Simple Retrospectives Really Simple?

Due to Scrum Guide by the end of the sprint retrospective, “the Scrum Team identifies the most helpful changes to improve its effectiveness. The most impactful improvements are addressed as soon as possible”.

But let’s pause this moment a little. Do all retrospective meetings find ways that can make further product improvements?  HOW SURE ARE WE ABOUT THAT?

To be honest, in real work daily routine you come across a typical situation when scrum masters hear the same simple retrospective answers: Everything is fine – It’s all right – No problems – It’s sweet. And repeat. 

From this point of view, our experts see the retro meetings as real psychology therapy sessions where you can open yourself up without fear of censure and feel free to talk about the shortcomings since there is always something that might be improved. 

Why do we always see a lot of things in family life that can be improved, and we actually do improve them, however, in a working life where the stress level could be much higher, we always say that everything is fine.

Standuply Scrum experts

That family analogy says we can and should always involve changes in the work process so that we manually build the workflow as convenient and efficient as possible step-by-step. Here everything depends on scrum master proficiency. As a real psychologist, scrum master recognizes the team archetype, asks leading questions to get to the depths, or hit various approaches and tools while working.

Digital SCRUM Assistant Standuply

that Designs Agile Performance

The most popular scrum assistant tools are Slack/MS Teams standup bots that are beneficial for both remote and office working. In this way, Standuply performs great! In addition to a simple retrospective on autopilot, Standuply is quite a good intermediary for live scrum meetings as well: 

  • Standuply collects retrospective answers before the retro-meeting begins;
  • delivers poll results to the scrum master in DM / email / shared channel in Slack;
  • and then sends all team members a link to a video conference.

Slack Sprint Retrospective tool advantages

 Keep workflows in sync

Keep Workflows In Sync

Run multiple retrospectives in Slack on a schedule or asynchronously and stop worrying about time zone differences.

 Get more done

Get More Done

Stay connected and high-performed with scrum processes on auto as streamlined workflows unlock valuable time. 

 Set out-of-box

Set Out-of-box 

Manage sprint retrospectives within Slack channel or bot homepage and experience user-friendly software.

Analytics & Agile Charts in Sprint Retrospective

Analytics & Agile Charts

Connect your Slack retrospectives with comprehensive Integrations (Atlassian Jira, Trello, etc.), keep agile charts statistics on tasks, and check answer analytics & insights. 

How to Run Slack Sprint Retrospective via Standuply

First of all, open your Standuply’s personal account and click the “Retrospective report” button when selecting from our list of pre-filled templates.

There you can see Standuply’s multiple choice of all scrum ceremonies pre-filled templates Standup Meetings, Planing Poker, Backlog Grooming, and more. Thus If you’re curious, read this guide to learn more about Standuply scrum features.

Create sprint retrospective report with Standuply tool

Then set Scheduling, select Respondents, and the way how you want results to be delivered. Standuply Sprint Retrospective meetings are fully customizable, you can tweak any option your team needs. 

See sprint retrospective tool in action:

Sprint Retrospective questions

When all answers are provided team members can reply to each other (if they need to follow up or clarify something) by creating threads and conversations without disrupting other teammates. Also, a video conference could be automatically launched right after the sprint Slack retrospective. So team members can comment on their answers 

Finally, scrum master gets retrospective results via DM, Slack Channel, or email.

Useful Hints on Effective Slack Sprint Retrospectives Standuply

Effective Slack Sprint Retrospective Standuply

Standuply Retrospectives are much more than typical simple Retrospectives. 


Set a waiting time and reminders in case someone from the team is busy.  They can postpone the sprint Retrospective surveys until a convenient time.

Analytics & Insights

Requests put additional information in the Slack Retrospective poll (news portals, analytical data, product metrics from Google Analytics, agile metrics from task trackers: sprint burndown, cumulative flow diagram, velocity, and more).

Break time borders

When creating a Retrospective survey in distributed teams, select the User’s local time option in the Scheduling bar. Team members working asynchronously get a Sprint Retrospective poll in Slack at their local time. 

Answers ahead of time

Comfort is all in the details. Standuply is the only bot that covers all small details in Slack Retrospectives. 

Put answers on the bot Slack homepage during the working day. And when Standuply is ready to run Retrospective on schedule, the answers will already be entered automatically. 

Type of answer

Finally, when respondents receive Standuply Retrospective survey in Slack, they can select a type of answer (text, voice, video, file).

Retrospective Slack Standuply Reviews

MUO has compared a lot of Standup bots for Slack / Microsoft Teams and shared their expert opinion about Standuply. So read their informative article Standup Bot for Slack and MS Teams: Best Choice for Remote Teams and find out what experts think about Standuply bot.

“We love Standuply because it’s got deep roots in the world of Agile project management. Contrary to popular belief, this extremely collaborative, hands-on way of working remotely translates well to a number of other industries, however.”


Get started with Standuply and Create Your Free Sprint Retrospective in Slack 

To sum up, working with Standuply Slack poll app is very efficient and smooth. Your team can not worry about retrospectives and their implementation. In fact, Standuply takes a huge part of the scrum work on itself.

Free 30-day trial with the most popular features available for Slack.

If you’re ready to get started, click here!

“We hope that you find our article helpful and dramatically improve your retrospectives in Slack. Go ahead!”

Your Standuply Team

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