You configure Standuply once and it's up and running. Team members can submit their answers when it's convinient for everyone.
Asynchronous and consistent
Run Coronavirus Company-Wide Check-ups via Slack
Standuply helps 50,000 teams to improve their communications
Choose your settings: schedule, people to ask, and update predefined questions if needed.
Configure a covid-19 report in Standuply
On schedule, Standuply reaches out to selected team members and asks them preconfigured questions via Slack.
Standuply surveys your team members
Only people at risk are included in a report, which is then shared with you in Slack or via email.
A report with people at risk is shared with you
Standuply runs special weekly surveys with all your team members, asking questions on their health condition, travels, and contacts. Then the list of people at risk is shared with the person in charge.
Free for any team size
(during the panedmic)

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Project Management Digital Assistant
Standuply automates management processes via Slack and brings experienced mentors on board to challenge your team.
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