Slack Standup Bot - Starting a Video Call

Start a video conference when the bot has gathered team answers

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How it works


Run asynchronous standup meeting

Be flexible with asynchronous Slack standups via text and voice/video answers and overcome time zone and communication issues.

Review answers before a live call

Let your team be prepared on a live meeting using Standuply Slack standup bot. Developers can review and think out the standup answers of each other.

Automate team video calls

Standuply will automatically start a video call with up to the 50 participants by sending to everyone in Slack a link to join a call at the time you need. Get rid of annoying routine and put it on autopilot.
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Standuply helps 35000+ teams to improve their communications

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Asynchronous video standups

Standuply is #1 standup bot for Slack.

Standuply is a digital Scrum Master that runs asynchronous stand-up meetings in Slack. It gathers video/audio and text responses and shares them back with the team.

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