There’s no doubt that a clean, tidy, and attractive workspace is good for employee morale. But how do you make your workplace more suitable for meetings with clients? All it takes is a few simple changes. And we highlight them in our 5 tricks to make your office space more client-friendly. 

Implement a Visitor Management System

A professional visitor management system is the key to making that first impression that lasts. QR code sign-ins, facial recognition, and even iPad badge printing are all options that reduce queueing at the reception desk. 

Your clients will appreciate the convenience, as will your staff or any other visitors to the building. It also allows for tighter security and the safety of everyone in the building. All without any overt or objectionable security measures. So you meet two needs at once: client satisfaction and security.

The result is a calm, safe, and streamlined reception process that’s good for employees and clients alike. And as a bonus, you’ll be seen as a business on the cutting edge of technology. 

Create Conversation Nooks

A space that your employees feel relaxed in will make them more creative and thus, more productive. But it’s also a top trick for enhancing one-on-one engagement with your valued clients. They probably attend more than enough meetings. They’re looking for productive conversations. So, create a conversation nook.

While many managers favor a traditional desk, it can seem too formal when meeting with younger clients. That’s not always conducive to communication. 

Introduce a conversation nook by placing a small round table and comfortable chairs in an office corner. Add a coffeemaker, and perhaps a small plant on a nearby shelf. 

It’ll become a space for employees to brainstorm over coffee, which increases employee satisfaction. And the more relaxed atmosphere will tame even the most difficult of clients. They’ll feel like they’re having a coffee with a friend, rather than having a business meeting in a stuffy office.

Keep it Light 

A common problem that many of you may experience is a dark office space. It is often unavoidable, depending on the position of your office in the building. Most employers try to get around this by incorporating bright fluorescent lighting and spotlights. But this can do more harm than good.

Harsh lighting can make both employees and clients feel uncomfortable. Get around this by going for slightly softer, less obtrusive lighting. Keep the spotlights and bright lights for the canteen or bathrooms. The aim is to mimic natural light as far as possible.

Use the available light in offices with large windows by putting in Venetian-style blinds that can be adjusted when needed. Brighten up darker offices with lighter wall colors and more streamlined furniture. It will make your daily stand-up meetings more pleasant and productive, as well as your client meetings. 

Consider Your Colors

It’s no secret that colors in our surroundings impact the human psyche. That is why many doctors’ waiting rooms use soft, neutral colors to put their patients at ease. And why fast-food places use bright colors to ensure their patrons don’t linger too long.

You want your staff and clients to feel calm in your office spaces. Neutral colors are the right choice, right? Yes, but that doesn’t mean your workspace needs to be boring and institutional. Think outside the box, and look for neutral shades other than the traditional neutrals like white, cream, and gray.

Beige and taupe come in a variety of shades, which are neutral yet elegant. When used for walls, they give a room color and depth without visually encroaching on the space. But remember to add fresh, cheerful accents of color. 

A framed painting or floor-standing potted plant in the reception area will add color. A bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers will also introduce personality and color at a minimum cost.

Reduce The Clutter

In the wake of the great resignation and staff opting for working from home, companies have been updating offices to lure employees back. But you don’t need to hire an interior design team to do this or to make your office space more client-friendly. It’s simple when you just cut out the clutter.

No matter what type of work environment you have, it’s a reality that things eventually get a bit crowded and messy. Overflow of office furniture, that old printer no one has a use for anymore, and boxes of paperwork stand in lonely corners. And this creates a negative impression for clients.

Get rid of everything that no longer serves you. Store old hard-copy files in filing cabinets. Replace your cumbersome office furniture with sleek, modern fittings. A tidy and functional workspace will go a long way to impressing your clients, even if you’re working on a budget.

Artem Borodin

CPO at Standuply. PMP, CSM, CSP. Ask me a question via Standuply

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