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How to Use Social Learning for Better Employee Engagement

August 17, 2022

Organizations are increasingly turning to social learning to provide exciting e-learning services to their clients, stakeholders, and personnel. The concept is not just puffery, progressive organizations are increasingly using it to foster cooperative learning and its application in the workflow helps in driving organizational performance and learning & development activities. So, what is it that […]

Here’s What You Need To Know To Create An Effective Employee Training program

Employee training is an undertaking that aims to improve the soft skills and hard skills, and knowledge of employees so that ...

June 14, 2022

Benefits of LMS in the healthcare sector

In this period of digitization and ever-growing technologies, it has become vital to give customized solutions to ease the im...

June 14, 2022

Managing Virtual Teams: 12 Ways to Manage a High-Performing Team

It is undeniable that virtual teams are becoming a business trend. Moreso now that there is a pandemic and we are encouraged ...

October 6, 2020

4 Team Motivation Ideas to Support Your Remote Workforce

The future of work looks radically different. As a result of the pandemic, it’s time for businesses to reconsider their tea...

September 24, 2020
team communication

How to Improve Team Communication During Remote Working?

The ability to hire and work with some of the most experienced people from around the world is one of the biggest advantages ...

September 18, 2020

Employee Onboarding: Guide for Remote Teams

Employee onboarding is an essential step to introducing the new hire to the company culture. Done well, it helps a newbie to ...

September 14, 2020