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In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, some parts of the world are still observing lockdown to limit the disease from spreading further. Many industries have been affected and are trying to cope-up with this crisis and embrace a new work routine.  

We are sure that your organization as well has made a shift to the digital platform to continue running business operations smoothly amidst this pandemic. A lot has been said and discussed this transition, referring to it as the new normal. On the other hand, some are still reluctant to accept this work routine!  

If you too are finding it hard to embrace the eat – sleep – work – repeat routine, then not to worry! We are here with some fantastic tips to make you fall in love with this newly adopted your daily work routine.  

Are you excited already? Let us quickly dive in and break the mystery to own your daily schedule happily.  

Create A New Work Routine and Stick to It!  

A report suggests Poor health reduces Global GDP by 15% each year. It is essential to maintain a healthy work-life balance while you work remotely. The first thing you need to do is to create a daily routine for a healthy body and mind to follow. Set specific guidelines in terms of when to start working and when to call it a close. Sometimes, you may need to extend your day or cringe a bit early to adjust to the client’s time zone. 

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However, this is when you need to vigilant about your schedule. Plan your day following these changes to avoid missing out on anything important.  

Plan Your Breaks  

Avoid sticking to your chair for too long. Don’t shorten your breaks, specifically during lunch hours, and take them in entirety. You may want to stay committed and complete your work at a go but remember breaks at regular intervals are as significant as being productive throughout your work routine.  

Not just your body, your brain needs rest too! You can set a timer that reminds you to take some time off from work. It may be as simple as just taking a short walk in your garden or making coffee for yourself.  

Assign A Dedicated Place for Work 

Create your own home office space that will allow you to stay focused and away from all the distractions at your home. Cooping yourself up on your bed or couch may make you feel lazy and affect your productivity. Identify a calm place and set up your workstation to avoid being disturbed and stay dedicated while working.  

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Make sure you do not take up any personal work or use official equipment for your personal use. These also can prove to be a distraction in your remote work routine. When you isolate yourself in a dedicated workplace at your home, it is less likely that you fall prey to any disturbances.  

Make Use of Technology to Stay Connected  

The sudden shift to remote working and isolation may sometimes make you feel low and cut off from people. Make sure to reach out and communicate with your colleagues through various digital platforms such as Teams, Skype, Slack, etc. for a quick chat or a video catch-up.  

These tools will help you stay connected with your team frequently and support them when required. Some organizations are also using HRMS software to make their process more streamlined.  

Find Ways to Sustain Your Productivity  

One of the benefits of working remotely is that you do not have to worry about your coworkers being distracted by the pumped-up music jams that keep you going. You can now play that loud music or sing your heart out while working if that is what improves your pace.  

Whether it’s just opening your windows to natural sounds or listening to your favorite podcast, you can do it all! 

Ensure You Have the Required Equipment  

Right from the necessary remote working equipment such as laptop, keyboard, mouse, and routers to critical software and permissions, ensure that you have access to these all. It is vital to check on this at the initial stage itself. And if you gradually discover that you need any software or equipment to get your job done, immediately raise the request to your company without hesitation.  

Organizations are well prepared to address concerns for employees and willing to go the extra mile considering this unprecedented time. 

Do not Forget to Socialize with Your Coworkers  

Don’t let isolation and physical distancing restrict you from socializing with your colleagues. Take a virtual coffee break or plan for a virtual lunch treat and have conversations with your team just as you did at the workplace.  

This will not just lighten your mood but will make you feel more included just the way it was while co-working at the workplace.  

Experience the Perks of Remote Work Routine 

With this sudden transition to remote working, you no longer have to commute to your workplace daily. That saves you much time in which you can invest in other preferable activities. This new work routine has its perks, and it’s time for you to utilize them efficiently. 

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Bake a cake, cook your favorite dish or pick-up a long-forgotten hobby, and spend some time with it.  

And of course, the next four ought to be a part of your daily routine: 


Staying fit and eating healthy is essential, especially during this uncertain time of the pandemic. Maintain a healthy diet that contains immune-boosting ingredients to avoid falling sick. Consume an ample amount of water per day. 

Keep water bottles reachable while you are working and ensure you sip in at regular intervals. Also, make sure that you take some time out to exercise every day! 


Monitor your sleep hours too! If you are deprived of sleep, you may not be able to stay focused while working, which will make you less productive. Likewise, too much sleep is also harmful as it may result in generating a feeling of laziness in you while working.  

Ideally, six to eight hours of sleep is said to be sufficient for any person, so make sure that you have enough time to sleep and bounce back to work energetically.  


You may want to create a home office or set up a simple workstation that gives you the workplace vibes and enables you to get started with your daily routine. In short, follow the tips mentioned above to stay productive and efficient at work.  

To make this transition even easier for you, organizations are opting for Performance Management Systems that will enable you and your manager to set new goals, track progress, and plan accordingly for the next quarter.   


Now in this step, all you need to do is repeat the steps mentioned above and continue being productive.  

Stay Home! Stay Productive! 

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Bhagyashree Shreenath

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