In an era where information is as crucial as physical assets, two manufacturing companies have set new benchmarks for operational efficiency and knowledge management through the strategic deployment of Standuply Tentakel, a sophisticated AI-powered document search and management solution.

Bridging Knowledge Gaps in a Manufacturing Behemoth

The first success story unfolds within a manufacturing colossus, faced with the daunting task of managing an overwhelming volume of documents scattered across countless departments, compounded by the linguistic diversity of its global workforce. The deployment of Standuply Tentakel introduced an unprecedented level of coherence to their information ecosystem. By equipping support personnel with the ability to retrieve accurate information instantaneously, the solution significantly minimized downtime and streamlined decision-making processes. Noteworthy is the solution’s adherence to stringent information security protocols, implemented entirely on-premises to ensure no data breach or external access.


  • Major manufacturer with tens of thousands of employees;
  • Information is fragmented across departments;
  • Thousands of documents in various languages;
  • No way to find the right one
  • Infosec is crucial, no document can be stored or processed outside of the facility. The whole solution is fully local.


  • Empower support personnel with instant answers from Tentakel
  • State-of-the-art AI document search under the hood
  • Processing is entirely on-site licensed by Tentakel

Catalyzing Efficiency in a Mid-Size Manufacturing Enterprise

The second narrative highlights a mid-size manufacturer entangled in the complexities of its intricate production processes, which not only hampered employee productivity but also elongated the onboarding process for new hires to an unsustainable duration. Standuply Tentakel emerged as a game-changer, transforming the way information was accessed and shared. The tool was not limited to document retrieval; it facilitated an enriched knowledge-sharing environment, where insights from documents, brainstorms, and meetings were seamlessly integrated into the daily workflow. The forward-looking strategy to extend these capabilities to clients promises to redefine customer service and operational efficiency in the manufacturing sector.


  • Mid-size manufacturer with complex production process;
  • Requires up to 1.5 years of onboarding even for sales managers due to the complex production process;
  • Employee productivity is reduced;
  • Experienced workers are overloaded with the demands of newcomers.


  • Use the existing documents, brainstorms, and meetings as input for Tentakel
  • Empower employees with instant answers from Tentakel
  • Planning to develop a system of AI assistance not only for employees but also for clients

Empowering Efficiency in IT Support: Transforming Service Desk Operations

Let’s delve into the third success story, where a medium-sized IT enterprise faced the challenge of efficiently managing its service desk. In our pursuit of high productivity and prompt response to customer inquiries, we encountered a bottleneck: our limited staff resources struggled to handle the overwhelming volume of tickets effectively. This led to service delays and decreased productivity across departments. However, thanks to the innovative solution provided by Standuply Tentakel, we were able to overcome these obstacles and turn our situation around for the better. Let’s explore how we achieved this together.


  • Mid-size IT company   with limited staff resources;
  • A large number of support tickets make the service desk overwhelmed;
  • Routine tickets that could be automated still require human intervention;
  • Slow service desk has a cascading effect on the productivity of employees in all departments.


  • Use the existing ticket history and corporate knowledge base an input for Tentakel
  • State-of-the-art AI document search under the hood
  • Empower employees with instant answers from Tentakel

In Summary: The Transformative Potential of Standuply Tentakel

These cases exemplify the transformative potential of Standuply Tentakel, underscoring its role as a pivotal tool in the digital evolution of the manufacturing industry, where access to information is as vital as the machinery that drives production.

Artem Borodin

CPO at Standuply. PMP, CSM, CSP. Ask me a question via Standuply

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