Hey folks,

We have something great for you this summer. Let’s rock and start from the beginning.

Q&A system is now available on all product plans.

As you remember, Q&A features were part of only Enterprise plans initially. 

You bought a Chief Standup Bot plan, Scrum Master, or Chief Program Manager and got unlimited automation respondents along with the users pack for Q&A.

It became a so rapid driver for us to grow inside of the Enterprises, so we decided to roll out the Q&A features for all plans but not only for Enterprises. 

Yeah, you’ve read correctly 🙂 

Now, by having or purchasing any of the Teams plans for a selected number of users on Automation you get the option to use the internal company Q&A platform for the same number of users.

So, you can have your team knowledge wiki in Standuply and access the data right from your Slack or MS Teams. 

Don’t you know about the Standuply Q&A system? Read this topic to get how it works in detail.

But we didn’t stop on this decision to make Q&A available on Team’s plans… 

We provided Q&A features on Enterprise plans for an UNLIMITED number of users for any enterprise plan.

So, by taking the Enterprise subscription you not only get the Automation features for unlimited company users but also get the Q&A system for the same unlimited number of users. 

Every Enterprise plan has a default number of managers accounts who can use unlimited respondents either for company process automation or Q&A storing. You pay an extra fee only in cases when you need more managers’ accounts.

So, no need now to calculate how many users in your company will use Q&A. You just need to understand how many particular teams within your organization going to use either Automation or Q&A features.

Because every team will get an unlimited number of users for all product features in frame of their needs, if the company purchases the Enterprise plan.

E.g. Any development teams within the organizations will be able to use Standuply for their standup meetings or other agile processes automation, HR department for company culture surveys like 360 degrees, or storing repeated Q&A data along as any team within the company can use Q&A to store their data and access it at any moment in Slack or MS Teams. 

We tried to remove all the barriers to using the product. I hope you’ll like it.

But it’s not the end again. We decided that it’s not enough to let use the Q&A system only on paid plans, so…

We released integration with Google docs and Confluence to let individuals connect Standuply to their existing company knowledge wikis and access the data right in the messenger.

That was one of the most frequently asked requests from our customers.

We understood that not every team wants to move all the data from their existing tools like Confluence to Standuply because of the volume, but every team wants to access the data units right from the Slack or MS Teams by shooting the simple search queries. 

So, we’ve launched the option to connect your company or personal Google drive account and Confluence to ask the questions in Slack/Teams and get the topics from those tools.

So, there are the following benefits you have right now:

  1. There is no need anymore to move the data to Standuply Q&A if you’d like your employees to access the topics from Slack or MS Teams. Just connect your existing tools.
  2. Every individual can connect the Google docs data or Confluence for free and use it for personal use cases. It’s a part of our Free plan.

Hope you have a great summer and keep you safe.

The more exciting things are coming soon. 

Artem Borodin

CPO at Standuply. PMP, CSM, CSP. Ask me a question via Standuply

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