A lot of success of using any product depends on the 1st-month adoption and Standuply isn’t an exception here.

How you set it up. so you will use it.

We’ve prepared for you 2 hot tip packs that could exponentially increase the adoption of Standuply in your team and become the fundamental of successful product use.  

So, first of all, there is no need to implement all article tips right from the beginning.

That’s why we divided all tips into 2 groups.

Basic – that’s where you start. It’s sort of fundamental to further success. It solves 80% of initial product adoption obstacles within a team. 

Advanced – that’s what you need to add after the 1st successful months to cement the success. 

So, let’s start.

Basic adoption tips: 1st month of use.

1. Mix your asynchronous and life processes. 

Don’t reject your face-to-face meetings but automate them smartly. 

Especially, during the pandemic time, when teams are fully remote. We strongly advise to not only use asynchronous surveys. 

You have to mix it with life calls which are also done via Standuply. 

How it works:

  • 3 times a week it should be general, via asynchronous surveys.
  • 2 times a week, we advise our report template for life standup preparation. When the report runs sometime before the call, the bot gathers the answers and in scheduled call time, the bot provides every team member with the button to join a video conference. 

All is automated. So, you get a team on the call already knowing the answers on the progress and could focus your discussion on the call just around problems, skipping other things. 

All done via Standuply, using template Video Conference report.

it replaces any zoom recurrent meetings, so you could not pay for zoom but also get an automated agenda before every life meeting. 

That flow keeps the personal touch when the whole team is distributed for a long period.

2. Team managers involving.

A lot of adoption success depends on personal management examples, their involvement in the reporting process. 

We do advise managers to create the reports for themselves, at least once a week, on Monday with sort of the Goal sharing information or some company updates. 

We advise to answer such reports via video or voice, so it attracts more interest from the team to listen to it. 

When people understand that the manager’s staff also constantly provides answers to the bot questions, they start to reply more and more, and the adoption rate is increasing rapidly. 

3. Automate some fun or team engagement activities.

We do see the fact that teams, who add some fun process automation, have better adoption. 

It might be the report once a week with the questions about some interesting facts every member faced during the week.

Or it might be some general, non-recurrent survey about the ordering of the food or voting for something which is run using Standuply /poll-standuply feature whenever you need something to ask.

4. Use your team’s language style.

We strongly advise you to adopt questions and style it for your company culture instead of using our default template texts. It helps a lot.

We provide templates based on the very general methodical approach, but it’s just to give you an idea of what it’s about, but not necessary to use it by default.

Every team has its own language, communication style, company culture, and so on.

So, bring your own team soul into the report question. Sometimes it could be just a few words that already make the feeling of asking the people by not the robot.

Soon, we plan to release an ML algorithm that will automatically change the language, phrases, and re-formulate questions for every report run saving the senыe bге bringing more individual interactions and personal touch.

5. Run the report about team motivation.

The reports with motivation check-up questions have always bigger engagement. So, we strongly advise having at least 1 such report, that could be run once in 2 weeks with the questions about team mood or employees motivation. Keep in the mind the p.4.

Advanced adoption tips: After 1st month of use. 

1. Add automation to share the key data with your team.

Standuply provides you with a lot of options including the ability to enable integrations with your team tools to share some reports, key metrics along with the report summaries, or stand alone. 

For example, our team has several integrations enabled:

1st – we get the data from our database about product metrics and daily subscription updates along with our daily standup report answers. How many new customers were assigned, what plans, and so on. It so raises the interest from the team members to read the report summary and as a result to reply to it. Because when some of the team members review the shared data and see other colleagues’ replies, it triggers him or her to answer the questions also.  

2nd – our support team shares in our team channels the data from their Trello board about the number of active bugs in a queue. This way they attract more attention from the development team to their needs. 

It’s also a great tool to control the product quality level and helps to react to the problems faster.

Standuply has a lot of integrations with different tools out of the box to share different data types like burndowns, cumulative flow charts, task tracker activities updates, and so on, but you always can create your own integration using our Custom requests API

2. Run complex processes automation.

After the first month of successful product adoption, you will be ready to run more processes and put them on autopilot to use Standuply in a more complex way, as it should be for hiring a digital project manager. 

Run reports for processes like: 

  • Retrospective
  • Backlog grooming and planning poker
  • Sprint planning
  • Advanced motivation check-ins based on employee’s feedback on finished tasks

So, by that time your team will be ready to work with Standuply as they work with the real colleague. 

3. Run 360-degree survey automation.

We separated this process as a stand-alone tip because it is often handled by HRs and generally teams rely on them in terms of this process run. 

But the facts show us that not every team has dedicated HR managers who can properly run this assessment. 

Meanwhile, the process is extremely useful and Standuply allows running it simply for every team.

Once configured, it will be automatically run every year quarter and bring to you a lot of insights, therefore it has a high level of team answers engagement generally because the team usually feels a lack of such reviews.  

4. Share the team answers with more stakeholders.

The more people you involve in your processes the more adoption effect you’ll get.

It’s also not only about adoption but brings value to both sides.

If you can share team answers not only inside the team but also with outside stakeholders or top managers to show what your progress is, where is your team right now and what problems you’re struggling with, so do that.

It builds the understanding from your team members that their answers are needed to someone else, so it creates commitment and people try to not miss answering the reports.

5. Save team repeated questions in Standuply Q&A

You can add and store in Standuply your team’s or company knowledge items like:

  • New members onboarding information;
  • Access tokens and keys for internal systems;
  • Internal technologies FAQ;
  • Useful and educational videos or courses;
  • DevOps information;
  • Team recurrent questions;
  • Company project descriptions and follow up notes;
  • Product changes descriptions;
  • and more and more.

You can add all of this right in your Standuply account

…or from the business messenger and share access within your team.

The main benefit is that you don’t need to remember where it’s saved or whom to ask. 

You build a habit. Whatever you need, ask Standuply using the command /ask. Here’s how it may work for you. 

1. Do you need some information from your Q&A?

/Ask Standuply with some keywords or exact terms, and it will find and immediately send you the result with saved topics from the system.

2. Would you like to get the answer from the company subject matter expert? 

/Ask Standuply, and it will connect you with internal company experts on certain areas and provide you with their answers to your question or options for a live consultation.

3. Can’t find the needed information and want to empower a team for the answer?

/Ask Standuply, and it will send a question on your behalf to the channel with the company members who may know the answer, and when they reply, you can save their answers in a few clicks to the Q&A for further access as described in p.1.

We’re sure, using those simple tips you can get all the best Standuply can help your team with.

Enjoy the product. 

Artem Borodin

CPO at Standuply. PMP, CSM, CSP. Ask me a question via Standuply

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