As modern businesses look to improve their online learning efforts, they often turn to Learning Management Systems (LMS) that offer SCORM compliance. This allows them to take advantage of the advantages provided by the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM). With LMS SCORM-compliant systems, businesses can create and deliver interactive learning experiences across multiple platforms. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the top five LMS platforms that are SCORM compliant and discuss some of the features and benefits they offer. 

What Is SCORM? 

SCORM is an acronym for “Sharable Content Object Reference Model,” which is a collection of technical standards used for designing, creating, delivering, managing, and tracking eLearning content across multiple platforms. It was developed in 1999 by Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL), an organization created by the US Department of Defense. SCORM aims to provide developers with a common language for creating interactive eLearning experiences that can be shared between different software applications and devices.

The main advantages of using a SCORM-compliant system include improved course portability, reduced development time, and cost savings due to the standardization of content delivery across multiple platforms. Additionally, it makes it easier for learners to access courses from any device or platform since all content will be stored in one location. Furthermore, tracking learner progress becomes simpler when using a unified system like SCORM, as all data can be collected in one place instead of manually collecting data from individual systems or devices. 

Now let’s take a look at the top five LMS platforms that are SCORM compliant: 

1) Moodle – One of the most popular open-source LMS solutions available today is Moodle which offers full support for both AICC and SCORM standards so content can be easily shared between different systems or devices without any compatibility issues. Additionally, Moodle has robust reporting capabilities, so you can easily track learner progress while providing detailed reports on user engagement metrics such as time spent on each lesson or quiz scores. Plus, it has built-in tools such as forums and quizzes, making creating engaging online learning experiences easy without requiring additional plugins or third-party software solutions. 

2) Blackboard Learn – Another popular option among educators is Blackboard Learn which provides full support for both AICC and SCOMR standards along with other features such as course creation tools, assessment options, and advanced analytics capabilities so you can track learner performance over time. It also includes integration capabilities with third-party applications such as Google Drive so content can easily be imported into your courses from external sources like YouTube videos or PDF documents without manually uploading them one by one into your system. 

3) TalentLMS – TalentLMS is another cloud-based solution designed specifically for SMEs seeking an affordable yet powerful LMS platform that supports AICC &SCOMR standards. It comes loaded with features, including customizable themes, gamification options, mobile accessibility, social media integration, video streaming capabilities, analytics reporting tools, plus much more. Plus, it integrates nicely with existing HR management software solutions like BambooHR, making it easy to manage employee training records in one centralized location. 

4) Absorb LMS – Absorb LMs offers users full support for both AICC & SCOMR standards and advanced features like course authoring tools, personalization options, automated notifications, custom branding options, and much more. Additionally, its cloud-based architecture makes deployment quick and easy while also providing scalability when needed since users don’t have to worry about hardware upgrades down the line if their business multiplies. Finally, its powerful analytics engine allows you to gain insights into learner behavior over time. Its secure hosting environment ensures data privacy compliance requirements are always met regardless of where your learners are located worldwide. 

5) Docebo – Last but not least, we have Docebo, which also offers full support for both AICC & SCOMR standards, plus additional features such as customizable themes, AI-powered search functions, gamification options, and much more. Additionally, its “Gamified Learning Paths” feature helps keep learners engaged throughout their journey. At the same time, “Smart Suggestions” makes personalized recommendations based on individual learner preferences helping ensure every user gets a tailored experience. Plus, Docebo integrates nicely with existing CRMs making it easy to manage customer relationships within one unified platform.


These were just some examples of popular Learning Management System (LMS) platforms that fully support the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCROM). Each solution mentioned here provides unique feature sets suited towards different types of audiences ranging from small businesses looking budget friendly solutions all way up to large enterprises needing enterprise-grade scalability along robust security protocols in order to stay compliant with various regulatory requirements around the world. This makes them ideal choices for those looking to leverage power digital transformation through the use of modern technologies to meet organizational goals.

Artem Borodin

CPO at Standuply. PMP, CSM, CSP. Ask me a question via Standuply

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