To foster positive Employee Engagement, it is essential to comprehend their concerns, gaps, and desires. Slack polls can be a powerful tool to sustain Team Culture, even in a remote and dispersed work environment where team members have never met in person. With numerous Slack poll apps on the market in 2022. This article will guide you through the pool of options and help keep your team afloat.

Employee Engagement Polls

People always pursue happiness wherever they are. Work is not an exception; moreover, it’s one of the most stressful time-spent people give themselves (200 thousand hours per year). So watching the employee engagement level over these hours is a vital necessity.

Slack pool diving into poll

That is why Agile-following teams place a high value on carrying out polls regularly. It is relevant both for the manager of a several-people-company and the manager of a several-hundred-million-people-company. Here are the main reasons why polls can benefit your team:

1. Manage the Data

After all, those who own the data own the customer, right? In the era of information (data) transparency, people are inclined to tell the world nonstop about everything, even what they are eating now… Scrolling down any social network feed, you may bump into a lot of information about their professional life as well.

So as a manager, whether you want it or not – information about your company will appear on some Internet resources. 

The good news is – you can influence this information flow if you are into employee engagement issues. Slack polls are excellent for feedback, suggestions, and thoughts sharing. So, as you may guess, it’s better for your employees to share issues in Slack polls rather than on social. That could change the external information nature in a positive way.

2. Discover the Truth

There is no easier way but ask. You can find out the big truths when you start polls asking, for example:

  • What factors influence the employee’s motivation?
  • How much meaning does the employee see in the work performed?
  • How much this work affects the overall result of the company?
  • What is the achievement of its mission?
  • What prevents employees from solving the tasks?
  • How much the employee grows in the company as a professional (“horizontal” and “vertical”)? 

You can add your questions to this “truth search list” and work on the truth that your team opens you.

3. Improve Team Culture

When your employees feel free to talk about their problems without firing fear, you are on the way to creating a transparent culture! All that builds trust, hence employees do not see you as a big tyrant boss anymore but as a leader open to their ideas, willing to help and lead.

The poll results should also be open to all teammates: everyone should see the full picture though, all pressing issues, best proposals, etc. So, in short, if you aim to develop a strong Team Culture, follow these 5 critical steps for effective management:

  1. do not block but create favorable work conditions
  2. carry out polls regularly
  3. open dialogues with employees
  4. let them talk about pressing problems
  5. solve these problems systematically, and everything in your organization will work out fine.

The 3 Best Ways To Carry Out Slack Polls

Hope in 2022, no one (even offline businesses) conducts polls verbally or manually. 

Today something as basic as organizing a poll can have multiple aspects that scream for attention, like changing itineraries, time zones, tasks assigned, poll format, poll venue, and so much more!

Easy creation slack poll near pool

By the way, there are hundreds of Poll Apps that require as much or even more attention. Most office managers would agree with the statement that amid all the disorganized polls and influx of information, it is easy to lose track of Employee Engagement. This is why there has recently been an emergence of poll apps and tools.

With digital intervention in the arena of Project Management, it has become possible to custom and automates polls without wasting a lot of time on them. We have put together a list of the top 3 Poll Apps and Tools for Slack today to help you survey your team in an efficient and productive way:

  1. Standup bots
  2. Google Forms
  3. Survey Monkey

Slack Polls via Standup Bots

In the age of technology, digitalization, and remote mode, all high-performing Agile teams keep a digital Scrum Master up their sleeve. So, Slack Apps are the most powerful office management software for polls today. 
However, as mentioned before, various Poll Apps are floating around the Slack pool. Slackline or Die, remember? This is a great analogy for you to understand how choosy you should be. If you are not going to get lost in the Slack pool of worthless apps, follow Slackline with first-rate Poll Standup Bots.

don't drown in polls

Slack Pool: Diving-In with Best Standup Bots

Join the Slack surveys revolution with the help of the best standup bots. Streamline your daily standup meetings and enhance team communication in your remote work environment. Discover how these top-performing Slack bots can simplify and optimize your daily work routine.


We start our dive with the top Standup bot in the Slack pool. Standuply works as Slack or Microsoft Teams integration to save your time significantly in automating repetitive tasks or running surveys and polls async. In 2022 Standuply is a solid choice of 35 000+ businesses, including large companies such as Slack, IBM, Google, Intel, Adobe, and more.


Standuply provides one of the most intuitive poll scheduling settings, both flexible and fully customizable:

  • Create polls on a schedule or asynchronously in users’ time zones.
  • Set the custom frequency for recurrent polls
  • Add respondents from channels, make questions public or anonymous
  • Deliver results to DM, shared and Private Slack channels, email

Agile Templates

  • 20+ pre-filled templates for any Scrum Event
  • Add conditional questions 
  • Create advanced polls with analytics, charts, task trackers, news portals

Hot Features

  • Automation of all main HR, Project Management, and Employee Engagement processes 
  • Save repeated questions in Q&A
  • Get access to hundreds of world-class experts to help and develop your team
  • Run video meetings within the Standuply Collaboration events
  • Multi-admin access 
  • Team Answers Analytics
  • SSO & Security standards compliance


The next Slack pool App we picked as reliable is Polly. More than 40% of Fortune 100 companies use Polly, empowering their teams across the globe. With over 20 million polys sent and 1 million monthly active users, Polly connects you with your team in the spaces where work happens: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and virtual meetings.


Send single or multi-question polls to your team for instant response. Free for up to 25 responses/month

Agile Templates

  • Automate such processes as HR, Internal Communications, Managers and Leaders, Agile Product Development, Work from Home, IT, and Procurement.
  • Create Pulse and Engagement Surveys
  • Run quick and easy async check-ins for agile teams

Hot Features

  • Integrate the Jira task tracker 
  • Automate Onboarding Feedback
  • Bridge the social distance gap with live, interactive games that bring the team back together – Trivia, Hot Takes, and Employee Awards


One more poll App you should pay attention to when diving into the Slack pool is Troopr. This Slack Standup Bot is loved by thousands, including Electronic Arts, Unity 3D, Adobe, Tokopedia, MGM Studios, and Delivery Hero. Troopr comes with beautiful web reports, insights, and tons of features.


  • Partial poll customization 
  • The number of questions is up to 10 items

Agile Templates

  • 11 poll templates on the bot’s website

Hot Features

  • Convert Slack conversations to Jira tickets by using emojis in Slack
  • Answer employee support requests in Slack
  • Add your knowledge base, and wiki in Confluence

Although we shared only 3 Slack poll apps, there are many other Poll bots known to be in the Slack pool. If you go to the Slack Directory, you may find yourself a little confused about how to make a good choice. Therefore, come and read our in-depth description of the Best Slack Standup Bots.

2. Google Forms

How would we all survive without Google today? Its documents and file storage have already become commonplace. Another Google Forms service is no less convenient; with its help, you can create your own poll for free and get data processed.

If you don’t feel like diving into the Slack pool and running polls there, Google Forms is a powerful Standup bot alternative in the case of simple polls.

Google offers several pre-filled templates on the main page of the Forms. If you are interested in some simple polls, you can stick to templates. However, suppose you need to ask about something beyond the templates, there is quite a long avenue for creativity.

Functionality: You can create an unlimited number of polls and customize them entirely. Google offers 11 types of questions: long–answer text questions, multiple choice questions, and more you find in a drop-down question list. You can even add Youtube videos or photos to the questions. Some questions can be made required for answers.

Upload your company logo to the header and choose the questionnaire palette for your style. You can send the pre-filled poll template to the mail with its link or place your poll on the site by the HTML code.

The developers have also created a detailed guide to Google Forms. So if there are difficulties with polls, you can always contact them for support.

In short, Google forms are simple and that’s great. However, forms don’t provide any automation, integrations, async polls, or other features Standup bots shine.

3. Survey Monkey

SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular survey software in the world – 20 million responses are collected daily.

4 Ways to Leverage Survey Results with HubSpot and SurveyMonkey

Functionality: You can create an unlimited number of polls for free (each one up to 10 questions with a max of 100 participants). In paid plans, the functionality is the richest.

Like Google forms, you choose a ready-made theme, but you cannot create a new one yourself. The SurveyMonkey Poll can be sent by email, placed on a website, or made as a widget. You can also link directly to the poll on the website or on social networks.


In conclusion, we would again emphasize – regular polls work for you. Their main benefit is feedback. Without feedback, no success or slow-moving success may find you after all. 

According to a recent study by Quantum Workplace, more than half of those organizations where employees are not involved in work do not conduct any surveys. At the same time, among those organizations whose employees are engaged in work, only 5% do not conduct surveys.

Feel free working with Standuply slack polls

Summing up, to create a single simple poll, Google forms or SurveyMonkey work well enough. However, among all poll apps on the market today, Slack Standup bots are the most beneficial for both remote and office teams. Therefore, choose your best survey app and implement it into Slack – a great contribution to your company’s development. Do not dive desperately into the Slack pool with your head, but think first and swim toward success with the best Poll App.

Artem Borodin

CPO at Standuply. PMP, CSM, CSP. Ask me a question via Standuply

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