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We’re delighted to bring many of Standuply’s most beloved features to more users than ever before. Thus our team has been working on the User’s Local Time feature for Microsoft Teams for quite some time and now we have finally launched it!

What makes Standuply stand out is its precious feature of running multiple reports asynchronously at the users’ time zones. That’s why we decided to include this feature in MS Teams to keep our customers agile and high-perform.

Read on to see how this feature can simplify your workflow in MS Teams and get more done!

This is exactly the same feature that you know and love in Slack, all we’ve changed is that now you can customize your team members’ time zones yourself when creating a report. 

Now even if someone from your team hasn’t set a time zone, Standuply will point that out to you! So admins are able to tweak employees’ time zones settings from their own accounts.

Our team continues to make significant progress in optimizing your performance in MS Teams, with attention to resolving the challenges of remote working such as running daily Standups.

How to set up users’ local time zones in Microsoft Teams?

To get started with the User’s Local Time Zone feature for MS Teams, you can head over to the Help Center for step-by-step instructions and detailed tutorials.

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For any technical issues please file us on hello@standuply.com
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Now our customers can discover the full functionality while following all Standuply new features. We’re excited for the opportunity to maintain our customers’ workflow within Microsoft Teams together!

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What else is new in Standuply?

Last but not least, with the release of MS Teams Users’ Time Zones feature we’d like to highlight some new Standuply features that are now generally available:

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