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Run Daily Standup Meetings, Retrospectives and other 20+ Agile & HR processes with Microsoft Teams Standup Bot

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Keep workflows in sync
Run multiple Daily Standups, Retrospectives, and more Agile processes on a schedule or asynchronously without worrying about time zone differences


Data Integrations
Connect your Standups with integrations (Atlassian Jira, Trello, etc.) and keep Agile Charts statistics on tasks


Updates from the web
Get product updates with built-in new features, practical tips, and top insights from the team’s favorite web pages
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Standup Bot Standuply sets all scrum events on autopilot in Microsoft Teams

Trusted by 35,000+ high-performing businesses that have already improved their workflows, automated Standups, and other Agile events in Microsoft Teams

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Stay connected and high-performed with all Agile & HR processes on auto, run scrum events, connect comprehensive integrations, and see analytics & insights
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Standuply is all about excellent Project Management, HR processes, and Scrum workflow
No Time Zone Pain

Run asynchronous meetings with Microsoft Teams Standup Bot

Conduct multiple reports on a schedule or asynchronously at users’ time zones. Go beyond time zones borders and unlock valuable time.
Schedule a standup meeting
Schedule a standup meeting
Standup bot in video/voice

Set any type of answer in Microsoft Teams polls

Keep daily standup meetings in Microsoft Teams in a way you prefer. Attach voice/video/file messages to your standup reports by using /video command. Learn more.
Standup bot in video/voice
Your Personal Vibe

Use predefined templates or set custom

Create lively polls with 30+ Agile templates. it’s dead-simple to customize all reports in Microsoft Teams. Keep your personal tone and stay unique.
Schedule a standup meeting
Schedule a standup meeting
Standup bot in video/voice
Agile Charts & Metrics

Monitor your progress within Microsoft Teams Standup Bot

See which stage everyone is at and how you and your team are reaching your goals. Standuply collects and posts charts in Microsoft Teams like product metrics from Google Analytics, agile metrics, sprint burndown, cumulative flow diagram, velocity. Learn more.
Standup bot in video/voice

Link Standup Bot to task trackers

Start straight away, by integrating JIRA, Trello, Asana HubSpot, GitHub. Enrich reports with data from tools you already use by the API. Evaluate your projects in Microsoft Teams in one single poll.
Schedule a standup meeting
Schedule a standup meeting
Schedule a standup meeting

Keep info in Standuply Q/A platform

Meet Standuply Wiki platform with Project Management & HR Consultancy. Save information on which employees and especially newbies are often looking for. Reach out to an impressive number of experts who can benefit your team.
Schedule a standup meeting

Run feature-rich polls in Microsoft Teams

Anonymous and public Microsoft Teams polls
Multi-account administration
HR Outsourcing Automation
Advanced polls with conditions (if you chose “X” do “Y”)
Snooze survey or send a quick reply
Reply in advance
Setting reminders
Results by mail, to a channel, or in a private message
Linking with news portals, entertainment content, or any resource your team uses
24/7 customer success support service
Schedule a standup meeting
Schedule a standup meeting

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Standulpy helps you to save time and lead projects successfully by automating most of your development processes and consulting the team on industry-specific questions


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