If you are looking for a Slack or Microsoft Teams Bot that features free HR tools, look no further than Standuply Bot with in-built HR Workflow Automation. 

Standuply helps you run all leading HR & Team Culture processes such as Team Mood Check-ins, Employee Onboarding, 360 Feedback surveys, and more. Standuply free Slack HR Bot also keeps Agile charts statistics on tasks and checks answer analytics & insights with comprehensive integrations of Jira, GitHub, Trello, etc.

In this article, we go through all of the HR processes Standuply automates and explain why having an HR digital assistant for slack is so important.

Department of Human Resources Management

Human Resources For Agile Companies 

The HR department is one of the most important arteries in the body of any company. Although recruiting performs many challenging tasks, there are several monotonous, repetitive processes that employees have to spend their time on. So, for example, they have to give newbies instructions, send documents packages, systematically evaluate and collect statistics, etc.

Most remote companies adhere to an Agile approach and automate all repetitive processes that can be automated. As of today, repetitive HR processes are often outsourced by HR Apps. Our virtual assistants – HR slack bots facilitate communication with employees through various workspaces like Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. Consequently, employees and new hires can easily access organizational information, get instructions, and estimate through HR tools. 

In other words, this “employee – Slack HR bot” interaction is much faster and more profitable. This is precisely how the Agile workflow is carried out – a minimum of time and maximum benefit.

Slack HR bot searching

What is the use of an HR chatbot?

  • Gather feedback on finished and ongoing tasks async
  • Give new hires a warm, professional welcome, with transparent access to critical information
  • Track the satisfaction and motivation levels of every individual in the company
  • Keep everyone in the loop with technology for planning and achieving goals 
  • Plan OKRs for the new quarter and run employees’ OKR check-ups
  • Create a healthy work-life balance through Standuply HR surveys 
  • Run polls in Slack or MS Teams on any HR & Team Culture topic
  • Organize HR and Employee Experience notifications and updates
  • Stay focused on the bigger Employee Experience picture by tracking HR poll statistics
  • Build burn-downs, velocity, сumulative flow diagrams, and Agile metrics
  • And many other benefits you can customize 

HR & Employee Engagement Tool Standuply 

All-in-one Slack HR tool: recruitment, evaluation, employee onboarding, engagement, OKR checkups

Standuply is a digital HR assistant that streamlines the onboarding of new people to your team and facilitates repetitive HR processes such as estimation, collecting feedback, running OKR checkups, and more. 

Standuply HR integration allows you to inform new hires, view Agile metrics and statistics, run HR surveys, and get HR updates in Slack or Microsoft Teams. Moreover, the Slack HR tool perfectly suits any Agile company’s culture & HR to automate other routine HR activities. Go remote and Agile without wasting time or getting lost in paperwork.

Explore key features of the Standuply HR & Employee Engagement Tool below and see how the Standuply HR bot can transform the workflow of your company.

Slack HR Standuply create report

360-Degree Feedback Survey

This survey aims to identify the employees’ strengths and weaknesses to help them develop essential skills and help in their career progress. 

Usually, such surveys are conducted 3-4 times a year and require much time from the HR department, as each employee is estimated to 15-20 questions. However, to collect a more objective assessment of the employee, it is necessary to evaluate 2-3 times and compare the results. 

In this way, the Slack HR bot is the best solution. It efficiently automates such a time- and energy-consuming process.

See how to improve your employee experience with Standuply comprehensive feedback report.

First, select the ‘360 Feedback Survey’ template in the Standuply web dashboard.

Slack HR bot reports

Secondly, customize the Scheduling, select Respondents, and set the Results Delivery options. At this stage, you are free to fully customize the survey to your team’s needs. Standuply Slack HR bot provides flexible settings, including time zones, which is incredibly convenient for distributed teams.

When all three steps of the survey settings are set, you will see a report in Slack or Microsoft Teams, as shown in the picture below.

Employee Onboarding

The primary mission of the recruiting department is to introduce newcomers to the company, send rules and regulations, walk through responsibilities and introduce them to colleagues.   

The HR Bot simply automates all this routine. Beginners will be sent a greeting card with all the information and necessary contacts. The HR Bot also keeps its built-in wiki database that stores frequently asked information (for example, a Wi-fi password or access to documentation, etc.).   

In other words, the HR Bot is incredibly convenient for everyone here: it is easier for beginners to adapt to a new working environment and frees up a lot of time for HR managers.    

One-on-One Meeting

While 360-degree feedback provides the full picture quarterly, this One-on-One survey focuses on one particular employee and helps collect only this person’s opinions and thoughts.

Standuply offers a giant prefilled template, although any part of it can be customized to whatever works for your team. Find more templates and even Job Description Templates here.

See Slack example of the One-on-One Standuply Survey 

OKR Planning & Checkup

Sooner or later, any team can face problems such as defocusing and losing motivation. In this case, the team doesn’t see the big picture and doesn’t understand why they are doing this or that task. As a result, employee engagement is getting below average. So, in general, it’s a classic challenge for remote teams. 

To prevent this, the bot implements and automates the planning and checking-up OKR. Timely OKR checking sets the right priorities and focus provides transparency of the tasks and ensures clarity at all levels. With Standuply HR bot, you will get clarity about the direction of your business and maintain the team’s motivation level.

Feedback on Finished Tasks

This survey helps the recruiting department evaluate finished and even current tasks. For Agile teams, it’s very important to find out employees’ opinions about the work done timely. Was the task exciting, challenging, or dreary? Motivation, job satisfaction, and career growth depend on the employee’s attitude to tasks.

So, the easiest way to automate this repetitive process is with the help of a Slack HR Bot. 

See what it will look like in Slack.

HR bot conversation

Mood Report

Team Сulture is an integral part of a successful and smooth workflow. While the team is working intensively, do not forget about the human factor – we are all people who bring their emotional background to the team. So, if a person is full of energy and enthusiasm, others can be charged with this feeling. Conversely, even one depressed colleague can demotivate the whole team and, as a result, miss deadlines.

While the team is small, it’s easy to feel its mood. However, you can’t do well without HR Bots if we talk about large and distributed teams. HR Assistants timely measure the emotional temperature and sound the alarm to HR managers if something goes wrong.

HR polls & Integrations

Standuply is flexible in terms of task trackers and analytics. Synchronize the HR bot with your team’s task tracker or task management software and build burn-downs, velocity, сumulative flow diagrams, and more Agile metrics.

To make polls more lively, you can сustomize them with news, top stories, and updates from web portals your team likes.

HR bot burndown

Standuply HR Bot Wiki-base and Q&A

  • Create your internal HR & Team Culture wiki base
  • Provide access to frequently requested files, such as a Wi-Fi password or documentation to get started
  • Add the most frequent questions and info to the Q&A platform
  • Ask questions you haven’t found and get answers async 
  • Call external experts for help when in-company assistance doesn’t benefit
  • Leave comments and attach documents to questions
  • Reach out to leading experts for professional assistance through Standuply HR Consultancy platform
  • See the consultation price right inside the HR Wiki platform and discuss it directly with an expert
Standuply safety

Are you ready to transform your human resource functions?

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In summary, Standuply HR Tool solves many HR Challenges. There are many use cases a recruiting chatbot can help with, like onboarding, answering employee questions, new hire check-ins, employee engagement, and internal mobility.  Standuply is one of the best HR chatbots that is extremely powerful and only getting better.

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