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Slack Poll Bot

Slack polls by Standuply can be one-time or recurring events on a schedule you define. Create a simple poll in Slack to check team's mood, estimate stories from a product backlog*, etc.

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step #1
Pick a schedule to run a survey on your team. It can be tied to any time zone or to each team member's local time. You select participants, customize questions and answers.Results can be posted anonymously.
step #2
On schedule, Standuply reaches out to selected people and surveys them in Slack. Once team members provide their inputs the bot aggregates them to serve overall charts with survey's results.
step #3
Results can be delivered to a Slack channel or via DM, email or Webhook. Create Slack polls and surveys in seconds with Standuply.
Scrum Dictionary

Product Backlog Definition

Product Backlog is prioritized list of all tasks that can be implemented to improve the product. It is never finished and exists until the Product development is in progress. Product Backlog is regularly updated and evolves with the product.

It's a Product Owner who is responsible for keeping the Product Backlog up to date. Product Backlog contains all the features, requirements, improvements and bugs. Each of those items gets a description and evaluation.

In case several teams are working on the same product, they should have and stick to the only Product Backlog.
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What is Standuply?

Standuply is #1 standup bot for Slack. It runs asynchronous stand-up meetings and tracks team performance in Slack.

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