Without a doubt, scrum project management has the potential to unleash a plethora of innovative approaches to the resolution of issues via appropriate best scrum tools. You will be able to reach choices more rapidly, integrate input from customers more effectively, and ensure that everyone is on the same page. The choice, however, is a complex one to make when it comes to going to the correct person to get the appropriate tools.

It may be just as nerve-wracking as looking for a new home. You are unsure if it will live up to your expectations or turn out to be something that will haunt you instead.

With the changing digital world, scrum tools are becoming more important than ever. From managing projects to improving team productivity, scrum tools help businesses navigate the complexity of their need well. With that said, organizations need to review tools for scrum to ensure they are using the best scrum tool for their needs. Doing so can help streamline processes and improve collaboration between members of the team, allowing them to make the most out of the scrum software.

We can provide you with a selection of the most effective scrum tools. This article will review the best 13 scrum tools and software, including a summary of their most notable features and an analysis of their respective prices.

How to Choose Tools & Software for Scrum?

Choosing a Scrum Tools for Project Management

The following are some significant considerations to make while choosing software for managing agile scrum tool:

Portfolio of projects

  • The ability to compile all scrum work in one place is essential for a streamlined workflow. The tool should provide a central repository for all of your projects, making it easy to access them when needed.
  • The ability to list projects according to your desired perspective can be useful in prioritizing and managing projects. For example, you may want to view projects based on their status, deadline, or priority.
  • Support for multiple projects is crucial for managing multiple tasks and ensuring that your team stays organized and productive. The tool should allow you to manage meetings, assign tasks, and track progress for multiple projects at the same time.

Collaboration within the team

  • Timely feedback through comments embedded in tasks is crucial for effective team communication. The tool should provide a way for team members to communicate, ask questions, and provide feedback in real time.
  • An up-to-date activity log is essential for keeping track of what has been done and what still needs to be done. The tool should provide a way to view the progress of tasks and identify any potential roadblocks in the workflow.
  • The ability to manage meeting participants is important for ensuring that everyone is involved in the project and that tasks are assigned to the right people. The tool should provide a way to add and remove participants, assign roles and responsibilities, and track attendance.
  • Additionally, some scrum tools may offer features such as simple polls to quickly gather team feedback and make decisions.


  • The ability to track issues and problems is a must-have feature for any effective scrum tool. The tool should provide a way to identify and track issues, categorize them by severity, and assign responsibility for resolution.
  • Built-in Gantt charts and timesheets are essential for monitoring the progress of projects and determining the next steps. The tool should provide a way to visualize the status of projects, identify dependencies and milestones, and adjust the timeline as needed.
  • Risk management is an important aspect of project management, and a good scrum tool should provide a way to identify, rank, and mitigate risks. The tool should provide a way to assess risk and prioritize mitigation efforts based on the potential impact on the project.

Team Management:

  • Transparency is crucial for effective project management, and the tool should provide workspaces for teams to collaborate and communicate. The tool should provide a way for teams to work together on projects, share files and resources, and maintain open lines of communication.
  • Integration with other applications such as Google Drive, GitHub, Zoom, and others is important for a seamless workflow. The tool should provide a way to integrate with other tools and applications that your team is already using, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.


  • Pricing is an important consideration when choosing a scrum tool. The tool should offer good value for the money and provide a comprehensive set of features at a reasonable price.
  • The cost of the tool should be weighed against the potential benefits it can provide to your team, such as increased productivity, better collaboration, and improved project management. The tool should be within your budget and provide a positive return on investment over the long term.


  • Integration with other applications such as Google Drive, GitHub, Zoom, and many more is an essential feature of any scrum project management software. This makes it easier for team members to access information from multiple sources and eliminates the need to switch between multiple tools. Additionally, this also streamlines the workflow and saves time.

Best 13 Scrum Tools for Agile teams

Managing a project can be a complex process that requires careful planning, organization, and communication. With so many project management tools and software available today, it can be a daunting task to find the right fit for your team. To alleviate this burden, we have curated a list of 13 top-notch tools for a scrum that is currently available. Our list includes tools that can help streamline your team’s workflow, improve communication, and enhance collaboration.

With this resource at your disposal, you can be confident in your ability to find the best scrum tools & software for your needs:

  1. Standuply
  2. ClickUp
  3. ScrumDo
  4. ActiveCollab
  5. OrangeScrum
  6. easyBacklog
  7. Scrumwise
  8. Infinity
  9. MeisterTask
  10. Nutcache
  11. Trello
  12. Yodiz
  13. Zoho Sprints

Each tool has its own unique features and capabilities, making it important to take the time to review what is available and determine which one will best suit your team’s needs.

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive project management solution or a simple way to keep your team on track and organized, there’s a scrum tool out there for you. With so many options to choose from, it’s essential to take the time to assess your team’s needs and select the tool that best meets those requirements. By doing so, you’ll ensure that your team is set up for success and ability to achieve its project management goals efficiently and effectively.

Standuply: #1 Scrum tool

Standuply scrum tool for Agile Project management

Standuply is a perfect tool for agile teams, startups, and agile product teams. It helps manage various project management processes as a personal assistant but in an asynchronous modenon-interruptive way, so it’s a great complement to the tools we discuss below.

How we got started and what we’re most known for are asynchronous standup meetings in Slack.

Daily scrum or Standup meetings could be distractors If run incorrectly. That is why best-performing agile teams rely on tools like Standuply for daily standups, sprint retrospectives, and all scheduled reports your team implements.

Standuply comes with a large number of integrations and acts as an ideal tool for scrum-oriented teams. At the moment, it provides out-of-the-box integration with JIRA, Trello, Asana HubSpot, GitHub, and Pivotal and allows users to conduct surveys on tasks from them. 

Key Features

  • Integrations
  • Reporting
  • Messages in the form of video and audio recordings
  • Built-in Wiki
  • Instant Updates
  • Unique Templates
  • Standuply Assistant
  • Stakeholder Management

Our customers name Standuply as a must due to the following key characteristics. The best free standup bot for today is Standuply.


Standuply provides different plans. The Starter is a free package for up to 3 active responders. The cost of premium plans is scaled according to the number of customers that sign up. For example, the Standup Bot package for 3 respondents is priced at $5 per month, invoiced annually ($7 monthly).

ClickUp: #2 Scrum software

Clickup tool

The most efficient and effective agile teams utilize ClickUp, one of the highest-rated scrum project management tools, to organize their sprint backlog.

Suppose you are a product owner, a scrum master, or a part of a scrum team. In that case, ClickUp offers several cool features that can assist you with tracking bugs, managing sprint planning, and launching products.

This scrum program offers a feature-rich plan that is completely free to use. Some of the features supported by this plan include real-time collaboration, Gantt charts, unlimited tasks, and sprint backlog.

Key Features

Let’s take a quick look at some helpful features that ClickUp offers agile teams.

  • ClickUp Sprints
  • Burndown and burnups
  • Cumulative flow
  • Velocity
  • Task dependencies
  • Custom task statuses
  • Multiple views
  • To-do Lists
  • Time Estimates
  • ClickUp Docs
  • Integrations


The Free Forever Plan offered by ClickUp is adaptable to the needs of individuals as well as scrum teams of varying sizes. The premium options begin at about $5 per user per month and go up from there.

ScrumDo: #3 Scrum tool


Consider checking at ScrumDo if you’re seeking an agile project management technique that can be scaled. Scrum project management tools such as ScrumDo are one of the best.

You can keep an exact eye on the performance of your project thanks to its robust reporting options. You have options such as histograms, burndown graphs, burnup diagrams, and cumulative flow diagrams.

However, ScrumDo does not provide a functionality that allows for the viewing of a timeline.

Key Features

  • Iteration planning using a drag-and-drop interface
  • Personalized depictions of the reporting process
  • Integrated monitoring of the process
  • Consider the interdependencies involved


The premium plan of this project management software has a starting price of $8.99 per month and allows for up to 10 users.

ActiveCollab: #4 Scrum tool

ActiveCollab scrum tool

You can plan, organize, communicate, and collaborate on your scrum software with ActiveCollab, which is a scrum project management application. You can organize your work into tasks that can be completed and delegate them to the appropriate scrum team members if you are the scrum master.

But ActiveCollab isn’t precisely the most active when it comes to helping you search for things across different projects.

Key features

  • Start date and due date reminders
  • Tasks and subtasks that may be carried out
  • Uncountable amounts of work to be done
  • Labels of various colors to help categorize the work


There is a free version of ActiveCollab available. The lowest-priced subscription plan supports up to three users and costs $9 per month.

OrangeScrum: #5 Scrum software

OrangeScrum tool

OrangeScrum is an all-in-one software solution for project management that excels in its application to the administration of construction projects. This scrum application provides a variety of features, such as a time log, kanban view, daily scrum, and invoicing, amongst others.

However, the basic plan lacks even the most fundamental capabilities, in contrast to other agile project management tools we discuss in this article that provide more sophisticated capabilities even in their free versions.

Key Features

  • Create individualized processes using individualized task statuses.
  • Scrum boards and report cards for each sprint backlog
  • Charts of velocities for enhanced sprint planning
  • Backlogs that include a listing of product ideas, user stories, tasks, issues, and subtasks


This scrum software’s most basic plan begins at $9 per month and allows up to 10 participants.

easyBacklog: #6 Scrum tool

easyBacklog tool for scrum

easyBacklog is a free project management scrum tool that scrum teams seeking free scrum solutions may use to manage their sprint backlog.

You may quickly generate different versions of your sprint backlog using this scrum tool and then compare those other versions. You can also prepare cost estimates and budgets for the various components.

The project management tool, on the other hand, does not come with a specialized mobile application. It would seem that easyBacklog will not make it simpler to access your work from any location.

Key Features

  • Narratives organized according to many topics
  • Prioritization using the drag-and-drop method
  • Charts of the burnup and the burndown
  • Color coding categorization


easyBacklog is a free scrum tool that can be downloaded on their website.

Scrumwise: #7 Scrum tool


Scrumwise is a straightforward and user-friendly agile scrum project management solution with all of the usual scrum board capabilities. It offers a tool that allows teams to perform sprint backlog grooming sessions using digital post-it notes.

On the other hand, the access control function could be more adaptable. Therefore, it would be prudent to seek some Scrumwise alternatives from the options on the list.

Key Features

  • Management of the release
  • Burndown charts that take into account different time zones and holidays 
  • Native time tracking
  • Organizing boards that are simple to use


The premium plan begins at $9 per user in a month and goes up.

Infinity: #8 Scrum software

Infinity for scrum

A straightforward user interface and intuitive drag-and-drop capability are two hallmarks of the up-and-coming scrum tool known as Infinity.

Keeping tabs on what’s going on in each sprint is made easier by the agile project management software you use. You can also delegate work, visualize progress, get stuff ready for subsequent sprint backlogs, and much more.

This scrum application for managing projects does not have a dashboard function. To maintain track of several tasks at the same time, you need to be ready to look into infinity.

Key Features

  • Templates that have already been created to save time Easy toggling between the various perspectives
  • Scrum work may be organized using unlimited folders and subfolders.
  • More than two thousand integrations with other parties


There are 10 different lifetime plans available from Infinity, the cheapest of which covers 5 people and costs $149. Infinity also provides an Enterprise plan in case you need a customized LTD for your business.

MeisterTask: #9 Scrum software


MeisterTask is an excellent web-based scrum software that enables you to manage product backlogs and sprint backlogs easily and conveniently.

If you are just getting started with the scrum methodology, having an agile project management tool might be helpful, but it does have some drawbacks. To begin, it does not have a function that allows you to set a follow-up or a due date, which means that you run the risk of missing key deadlines.

Key Features

  • Flexible kanban tool and kanban boards
  • Automation that is built right in
  • Putting restrictions on tasks to promote team concentration
  • Integrates with a variety of different apps such as Outlook and Dropbox, amongst others.


There is a free plan available for MeisterTask agile scrum tool. Its paid plan begins at $4.19 per user per month as its base price (paid annually).

Nutcache: #10 Scrum software


Nutcache is a scrum program that gives you the ability to plan, manage, and evaluate jobs on both the most fundamental and the most advanced levels.

You can set a sprint objective, choose the length of a sprint backlog, and connect sprints to releases with the help of this scrum tool. In addition, you may maintain your forward momentum by assessing the task’s progress.

On the other hand, Nutcache is missing some reporting tools, such as those connected to finances or projects.

Key Features

  • Sprints that include the time limit, the duties, and the plot point
  • Functionalities for reporting and monitoring time spent
  • Calendars using a color-coding system
  • Utilizing a Gantt chart to aesthetically arrange the jobs


You can select between the free and the premium plan, which begins at $6 per user per month.

Trello: #11 Scrum software


Trello is one of the most effective scrum tools for scrum project management since its configuration options are both easy to use and flexible. You can monitor just about anything using Trello, even a personal project of your own.

To keep track of sprints and collaborate on projects, you may make use of simple kanban tools while working on a scrum board. One of the most important scrum features, reporting, is separate from this scrum software.

Key Features

  • Uncountable boards to use for organizing and keeping track of sprints
  • Boosts that can be integrated with several additional tools
  • Cards that may be used to include comments, checklists, checklist attachments, and due dates
  • Integrated automation with the use of Trello’s Butler


There is a free scrum plan available for Trello. The premium scrum plan begins at $12.50 per user per month and goes up from there.

Yodiz: #12 Scrum tool


Yodiz is one of the best tools for agile project management that offers a wealth of useful capabilities to its users. You do not need to integrate with a separate application to manage your sprint backlog, epis, and releases.

On the other hand, this agile project management tool has some room for growth in terms of its connectivity with research scrum tools, mobile applications, and scanning.

Key Features

  • Management of the product backlog
  • Board for planning that displays various projects’ data Epics for the purpose of feature management
  • Tracking the burndown, assigning stories, and other measures to increase visibility


Yodiz offers a free scrum software subscription that can accommodate up to three users on a team. This scrum software’s commercial edition has a starting price of $3 per user per month.

Zoho Sprints: #13 Scrum tool

Zoho Sprints

Thanks to Zoho Sprints, you’ll be able to organize your tasks using sprint backlogs and epics. This scrum tool also enables you to arrange a sprint planning meeting and send invitations with information about the location and length of the scrum meeting.

On the other hand, you will only be able to see numerous projects listed at the same time together with the sprints that correlate to them.

Key Features

  • Customized scrum board along with individualized work statuses
  • Work may be organized using epics, and labels and checklists can help to simplify chores.
  • Integration of Jenkins to plan and monitor releases


The premium scrum plans offered by Zoho tools for agile scrum begin at $14 per month (up to 12 users).


Scrum tools may improve the efficiency with which you manage your projects while also providing a number of other advantages, such as improved customer satisfaction, a shorter time to market, a greater return on investment, and smoother cooperation.

Some reasons to use tools for scrum are mentioned below:

  • Scrum tools allow for quick changes to be made to avoid project failure.
  • Scrum project management plans are less likely to fail as progress is constantly monitored.
  • Softwares help increase ROI and profitability.
  • Daily scrum meetings keep stakeholders in sync and allow for progress checks and recognition of individual team member efforts.
  • Large projects are easier to manage when broken down into smaller sprints and tasks.
  • Scrum project management provides control over the project’s direction and flow.
  • Scrum tools accelerate project development compared to traditional designs.

This list of the finest and best scrum tools will assist you in selecting the project management tool that best meets your needs in terms of both cost and feature set.

Artem Borodin

CPO at Standuply. PMP, CSM, CSP. Ask me a question via Standuply

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