Slack is a great project management helpmate so that any Agile team can follow many scrum practices there. All you need is to create the correct poll in Slack. In this case, teams can rely on Standup Bot Apps that not only make simple polls in Slack but automate all Agile & HR processes.

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This article is all about excellent remote Project Management and Scrum workflow. Read bullet points about Slack polls and see how to convert simple polls into a great benefit to your team. Сheck out the rating of the best Standup Bot Apps in the end. Choose the best solution and go for it!

Whether you’re into the scrum and agile, like those best-in-class businesses worldwide, or prefer the waterfall methodology, be sure Standup Bot Apps meet and complement any workflow.

Slack Polls: Key Moments

Jumping directly to the point, in order to quickly create a poll right within Slack, firstly, install the poll app from the Slack App Directory.

All poll apps run simple polls and surveys to get your colleagues’ thoughts in minutes, not in the next meeting. However, some Slack poll apps include advanced reports and polls with huge functionality:

  • anonymous and public Slack polls
  • scheduled polls
  • asynchronous Slack polls for distributed teams
  • polls with conditions (if you chose “X” do “Y”)
  • reply by text, voice, video, emoji
  • linking to task trackers
  • results by mail, to a channel, to a thread or in a private message
  • statistics and graphs on the team’s responses
  • linking with news portals, entertainment content, or any resource your team uses
  • reply in advance
  • setting reminders 
  • snooze the survey or send a quick reply
  • and many many more options for feature-rich polls in Slack

Above all, the most relevant feature for agile is scrum process automation. Some popular Slack poll apps can put Daily Standups, Retrospectives, Backlog Refinement, and more Agile events on autorun . It’s not just about trying to evade the scrum ceremonies by throwing them to Slack but running it quickly and effectively. “Fast to market” is not just nice but essential for agile businesses.

Best Sack Poll App On The Block

As there is a wide Slack poll apps variety in the Slack App Directory, see below the concise summary of the most popular and trusted poll apps you can apply.

In other words, we walk through the 3 Best Slack Poll Apps in 2022, touch on all pros and cons, and help you decide which Poll App is definitely yours.

📌 See rich in detail description of Standup Poll Apps in our article The 6 Best Free Slack Standup bots in 2022.


We start with Standuply our poll app for Slack and Microsoft Teams and show you how easy it is to automate Agile and Scrum events in remote and distributed teams. 

Processes to Automate

Standuply stands out for its rich functionality that helps Agile teams automate not only scrum polls in Slack but also run advanced Project Management and HR processes. That’s the main reason why High-Performing Agile Teams are turning to Standuply for its competitive features. 

Standuply Slack poll app automates almost all practices in Project Management such as:

  • daily standup meetings
  • retrospectives
  • backlog grooming
  • planning poker
  • sprint planning 
  • one-on-one meeting 
  • team goals & OKR tracking
  • and many, many other scrum processes!

If you’re curious, read this guide, where we’re sharing the most effective project management practices and explaining how to run them within Slack.

Let’s go deeper into Standuply Slack poll app features and see how it works.

How to do Standuply poll in Slack?

Standuply has several automation options to improve your polls in Slack. We call those automation ‘reports’. Configure your own report or choose any of the predefined templates.

When creating a new report within the Standuply dashboard, select the template you need from the list below and run it in Slack. All templates are flexible for customization. 

Standuply Slack Poll consists of 3 parts: 

1 – Scheduling. Here you set the poll’s date, time, timezone, and frequency.

2 – Respondents&Request. Add the respondents you need, and customize the poll: change, add or remove the template questions. Change the waiting time and set the reminders.

3 – Result Delivery. Choose where you need to deliver the poll results: to the user (DM), on a shared or private channel in Slack, or via Email.

After following all the steps, your custom Slack poll is ready to reach its respondents. 

See what a classic Standup poll looks like in Slack:

Time zones

The ‘user’s local time zone’ flexibility of Standuply is one of its strengths. Distributed team members get a Standuply poll in Slack asynchronously at their local time. 

Task Trackers In Slack Polls

Standuply is the only Slack poll app that comes to a large number of task trackers integrations. Currently, it provides out-of-the-box integration with JIRA, Trello, Asana HubSpot, GitHub, and Pivotal.

Using the API, you may also connect a custom task tracker by adding it to the “out-of-the-box integrations” list. 

Analytics in Slack polls

Requests are the information that Standuply Poll App collects from the team tools. E.g., product metrics from Google Analytics, Agile metrics for tasks from task trackers (sprint burn down, cumulative flow diagram, velocity, etc.), data from Git systems (pull requests, issues summary, etc.), and much more.

Standuply creates lively polls in Slack reports by adding Requests containing up-to-date info from news portals (for example, top 5 news from Techcrunch, Reddit, Producthunt) or, for example, trending GIF of the day from Giphy.

Slack Poll App Management 

Configure access for editing and creating reports by other team members (Sharing permissions access) and set multi-account administration – access to app management for several administrators. 

Standuply takes care of its customer’s personal data. The product meets all requirements and security standards and provides high-quality customer support.

SSO via OKTA is perfectly integrated into Standuply, enabling administrators to complete the automated registration and manage a user account via OKTA. 

Learn more about OKTA here!

Slack Poll App Reviews

MUO, one of the most significant online technology publications on the web, has shared valuable insights into remote work challenges. In their article, they’re touching on the point of Standup bots for Slack and MS Teams and analyzing their functionality.

“We love Standuply because it’s deep roots in the world of Agile project management. Contrary to popular belief, this extremely collaborative, hands-on way of working remotely translates well to a number of other industries, however.”


Moreover, this Slack poll App is a solid choice of 35 000+ companies, with a 4.5-star rating on Capterra, a 4.8 rating on G2, and at the top of the Remote Tools list. Standuply also shines at  Product Hunt with a 4.7 rating, 189 reviews, and 12.9K upvotes. 


The next one of the best Slack Poll Apps that we’re covering is Polly. The product copes well with running Standup meetings and other scrum processes; however, it offers much less flexible customization than the previous poll app. 


Polly Web Dashboard provides templates for automating such processes as HR, Internal Communications, Managers and Leaders, Agile Product Development, Work from Home, IT, and Procurement. 

polly templates

You can make polls by Polly in three different ways: via the Polly App in Slack, via the website, or type the “/polly” command in the channel in Slack. With the last option, you immediately see a tab where a simple minimum-customized survey appears.

App management can be held both in Slack and on the Web. Polly supports account multi-administration with access to edits by other team members. Admins are provided with information on surveys and analysis of responses on the bot’s Web.

This Slack Poll App integrates with Jira, the only task tracker it works with. 

Polly also keeps its own blog, where you can learn more about the product’s main features.

3.Simple Poll 

Pardon the pun, Simple Poll Slack App runs only simple polls literary. Otherwise, this product has much less functionality than the previous Apps, Simple Poll is in great demand.

The app management is easy; create a poll by copy-pasting the /poll command in the message box. 

In Simple Poll Slack App, you can:

  • Hide who voted for which option and reduce bias
  • Have a poll posted automatically on a regular basis
  • Limit votes 
  • Let team members add options to posted polls
  • Ask multiple questions in one go (Employee engagement, Daily/Weekly standups, Team mood check-in, Meeting preparation, etc.)
  • Let team members respond without sharing their names

Learn more about Simple Poll on the product Webpage.

Get started with Standuply and Create Your Free Poll in Slack 

Working with Standuply Slack Poll App is very efficient and smooth. Your team can not worry about scrum processes and their implementation. Standuply takes a massive part of the scrum work on itself.

In addition, Sranduply is easy and straightforward to configure, supporting a considerable number of features. Here are the most beloved ones by our users:

  • Time zone and user’s local time  
  • Asynchronous daily standup polls 
  • Automation 
  • Comprehensive Integrations (Google Calendar, Slack, MS Teams, Google Analytics, Jira, etc.)
  • Tracking Task Progress 
  • Responsive Customer Support (quick chat /email /video conference response in case you need help)
  • Ease of Use 

Another good thing about this app is that Standuply offers a free 30-day trial with the most popular bot features available for Slack. If you’re ready to get started, click here.

Artem Borodin

CPO at Standuply. PMP, CSM, CSP. Ask me a question via Standuply

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