Slack is the great progect management helpmate, so you can follow many scrum practices there. All that you need is to create the right poll in Slack. As there is a huge Slack poll apps variety on the market, we want to make your Standup poll app choice for Slack easier and less time-consuming.

So, in this article we compare 3 Best Slack Poll Apps in 2022, walk through all pros and cons and help you decide which one is definitely yours.


We start with Standuply our poll app for Slack and Microsoft Teams and show you how easy it is to put Agile and Scrum rituals on autopilot in remote and distributed teams. 

Processes to Automate

Standuply stands out for its wide functionality which helps Agile teams automate not only scrum polls in Slack but also run advanced Project Management and HR processes. That’s the main reason why High-Performing Agile Teams are turning to Standuply for its competitive features. 

Standuply automates almost all practices in Project Management such as:

  • daily standup meetings
  • retrospectives
  • backlog grooming
  • planning poker
  • sprint planning 
  • one-on-one meeting 
  • team goals & OKR tracking
  • and many, many other scrum processes!

If you’re curious, read this guide, where we’re sharing the most effective project management practices and explaining how to run them precisely in Slack.

So let’s go deeper into Standuply Slack poll features and how it works.

How to Do Standuply Poll in Slack?

Standuply has several automation options to improve your virtual stand-up meetings. We call those automation ‘reports’. You can configure your own report or choose any of the predefined options.

When creating a new report within the Standuply dashboard, just select the template you need from the list below and run it in Slack. Also, each template is flexible for customization

Standuply poll report

Every Standuply poll consists of 3 parts: 

1 – Scheduling. Here we set the date, time, timezone, and frequency of the poll.

2 – Respondents&Request. We add the respondents we need and customize the poll: we can change the template questions, add or remove them. We can change the waiting time and set reminders.

3 – Result Delivery. Here we choose where we need to deliver the poll results. They can be delivered personally to the user (DM), to a shared or private channel in Slack or the results can be sent on the Email.

After you followed all the steps, you’ll make a poll that will be waiting for its respondents in Slack. See how classic Standup poll looks like in Slack:

classic poll

Standuply Slack Polls Flexibility

In addition to quick and easy setup, full customization of templates, Standuply does have a lot of features. Let’s briefly run through the bullet points.

Time zones

The ‘user’s local time zone’ flexibility of Standuply is one of its strongest features. Team members working asynchronously get a Standup poll in Slack at their local time

user's local time-zone for slack poll

Integration of task trackers

Standuply is the only app for Slack that comes to a large number of task trackers integrations. At the moment it provides out-of-the-box integration with JIRA, Trello, Asana HubSpot, GitHub, and Pivotal and allows users to create polls on tasks from them. 

Using the API you may also connect a task tracker which is not yet in the “out-of-the-box integrations” list. 

Integrate slack poll app with task trackers

Analytics & Insights in Slack polls

Requests are the information that Standuply collects from the team tools connected to it, e.g. product metrics from Google Analytics, agile metrics for tasks from task trackers (sprint burn down, cumulative flow diagram, velocity, etc.), data from Git systems (pull requests, issues summary, etc.) and much more.

Standuply creates lively polls in Slack reports by adding Requests containing up-to-date info from news portals (for example, top 5 news from Techcrunch, Reddit, Producthunt) or, for example, trending GIF of the day from Giphy.

Standuply Poll App management 

On the website, you can configure access for editing and creating polls by other team members (Sharing permissions access), as well as set multi-account administration – access to app management for several administrators. 

Moreover, Standuply takes care of its customer’s personal data. The product meets all actual requirements and security standards and shows a high degree of reliability, as well as provides high-quality customer support.

One more important thing to note is that SSO via OKTA is perfectly integrated into Standuply, enabling administrators to complete the automated registration and manage a user account via OKTA.
Learn more about OKTA here!

Standuply poll app reviews

Also, we’re dying to announce that MUO, one of the largest online technology publications on the web, has shared valuable insights into remote work challenges. In their newest article, they’re touching on point of Standup bots for Slack and MS Teams and analyzing their functionality.

“We love Standuply because it’s got deep roots in the world of Agile project management. Contrary to popular belief, this extremely collaborative, hands-on way of working remotely translates well to a number of other industries, however.”



The next one of the top of Slack poll apps Kyber can also help you perfectly coordinate your teamwork and automate your workflows without leaving Slack. 

Functionality for Slack

Since Kyber is an all-in-one App, it cannot offer a wide range of processes for automation, like the previous app. With Kyber you will be able to automate the processes of creating simple polls, setting tasks, and sending messages to your team.

Kyber Polls Customization 

Kyber’s polls settings are partially flexible. The app lets you customize just basic details.

Configure slack poll app

There are no reminders, task tracker integrations. The only available type of response is a text message. However, Kyber provides a few questionnaire templates for simple Standup polls, which the user can edit directly in Slack.

Setup team recognition

Kyber App management

Since the bot is single Slack installed, all management and administration come from Slack. In comparison to Standuply, Kyber is quite simple and lacks a wide range of functionality. E.g. you cannot select several result respondents. There are no multi-administration and survey sharing functions.

To learn more about how Kyber works, click here.

3.Standup Alice

The last one of the top Standup poll apps for Slack that we’re covering today is Standup Alice. Even though the bot is designed quite simply, it helps automate several workflows. It’s important to mention that to activate Standup Alice, it must be invited to the team channel in Slack.

Polls flexibility

The main pattern that Standup Alice is aimed at – to make simple standup polls with a text response type.

Alice slack poll app flexibility

The bot holds minimal poll customization. In the schedule section, you can pick the day of the week and the time with a 15-minute interval. Alice also supports Advanced Poll, where the user can select a time zone, send report results in Thread, group responses by users or by questions, etc.

Visit this page to learn more about Standup Alice’s polls and how the tool works.

Get started with Standuply and Create Your Free Poll in Slack 

Working with Standuply Slack poll app is very efficient and smooth. Your team can not worry about scrum processes and their implementation. Standuply takes a huge part of the “donkey work” on itself.

In addition, Sranduply is easy and simple to configure, it supports a huge number of features. Here are the most beloved by our customers:

  • Time zone and user’s local time  
  • Asynchronous daily standup polls 
  • Automation 
  • Comprehensive Integrations (Google Calendar, Slack, MS Teams, Google Analytics, Jira, etc.)
  • Tracking Task Progress 
  • Responsive Customer Support (quick chat /email /video conference response in case you need help)
  • Ease of Use 

One more good thing about this app is that Standuply offers a free 30-day trial with the most popular features available for Slack.

If you’re ready to get started, click here!

“We hope that our deep comparison has helped your team to figure out all key features of Slack Standup Bots. All 3 Slack poll Apps are good at organizing information and keeping teams on track with consistent progress. Choose the best and go ahead!”

Your Standuply Team

Artem Borodin

CPO at Standuply. PMP, CSM, CSP. Ask me a question via Standuply

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