The Internal Q&A Platform for Slack or MS Teams

Save your team's repeated questions and provide access to them via Slack/Teams.

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Q&A & Consultations Wiki

All answers (via text, voice, video) are stored in Standuply and accessible via the web or Slack/Teams.

Company's Experts Directory

Standuply routes questions to relevant company subject matter experts, and they respond at their convenience.

External Experts Community

Ask experts community when in-house expertise is missing and store their answers for everyone's access.
Questions hub

Store essential questions and answers in one place

Add repeated questions from Slack/Teams and expert consultations to the internal searchable database
Slash command

Search answers and access answers via /ask command

Type /ask command in Slack/Teams to search for the answers or ask a question that will be stored once answered.
Company in-house experts

Route your questions to relevant company experts

Standuply will route your question to all relevant company experts, who then get back with the answer via text or video.
External experts community

Ask external expert community when needed

Standuply provides access to vetted industry-leading experts when in-house knowledge is not enough.
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