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Standup Bot Standuply helps Agile remote companies to develop automated workflow by setting all Scrum & HR events on autopilot.

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Automate Daily Standups, Retrospective Meetings and more Scrum Processes. Connect task trackers, see Statistics & Analysis with Agile Charts and get acsess to Wiki platform with HR & Management Consultancy
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This video will explain how Standuply Automation works in Slack.
This video will explain how Standuply Automation works in MS Teams.

Daily Standup Meeting

Best Standup Bot on the Block

Automate Agile processes via team surveys in Slack / Microsoft Teams
  • Run reports at the local time of employees async
  • Attach task tracker items and voice/video messages to your reports
  • Try predefined templates or customize your report completely
  • Set up multi-administration and share access with the team
Daily Standup Meeting
Daily Standup Meeting
Retrospective Meetings

Retrospective Meetings

Best Sprint Retrospective tool

Run multiple Retrospectives on a schedule or asynchronously
  • Best Sprint Retrospective tool
  • Experience user-friendly software
  • Connect Retrospectives with comprehensive Integrations (Atlassian Jira, Trello, etc.)
  • Keep Agile Charts statistics on tasks, and check answer Analytics & Insights
Retrospective Meetings

Backlog Refinement Meeting

Backlog Refinement automation

Control an ever-growing backlog with Backlog Refinement practice
  • Set up the type of response (single/multi-choice, text, task tracker ticket)
  • Change the response waiting time, include an unlimited number of reminders
  • Add conditions (“if the respondent answered X, then do Y”)
  • Save time running offline Backlog Refinement Meeting
Backlog Refinement Meeting
Backlog Refinement Meeting
Planning Poker Meeting

Planning Poker Meeting

Planning Poker automation

Conduct Planning Poker acync at convenient time
  • Automate task estimation and share it with your team
  • Connect Standuply to comprehensive Integrations (Atlassian Jira, Trello, etc.)
  • Select the way how the results can be delivered to people (via DM), email, channels (private included)
  • Save time on the Sprint Planning meeting
Planning Poker Meeting

HR & Employee Engagement

Create Human Resourse Networking

Run HR & Culture surveys within one Standup Bot
  • Automate HR processes and improve team bonding
  • Track peers’ queries & motivation and keep agile charts statistics on them
  • Integrate new hires by sharing data to your work platform with SSO via OKTA
HR & Employee Engagement
HR & Employee Engagement
Integrations & Insights

Integrations & Insights

Keep statistics on Agile & HR workflows

Сonnect Standup Bot to JIRA, GitHub, and other tools to build Agile charts
  • Poll Analytics & Agile Charts
  • Build burn-downs, velocity, сumulative flow diagrams and more Agile metrics
  • Customize surveys with news, top stories and updates from web portals your team likes
Integrations & Insights

Q&A system

Store information in Standuply Q/A platform

Internal Wiki-base platform with all frequent requests saved
  • Add the most frequent questions to your enterprise Q&A database
  • Ask questions you haven't found to internal experts and get answers asynchronously
  • Reach out to an impressive number of experts that they can benefit your team
  • See Standuply customers' reviews on experts and their proficiency
Q&A system
Q&A system
More Processes

More Processes

Automate more processes

Standuply Bot also runs 20+ processes in Agile, Project Management and Social & Fun:
  • DoD & DoR check ups
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Sprint planning
  • 1 on 1 automation
  • Team mood check up
  • OKRs check up
  • Time tracking
  • Lunch ordering
  • Employees onboarding
More Processes

Customers Success Stories

Standulpy helps you to save time and lead projects successfully by automating most of your development processes and consulting the team on industry-specific questions
Standuply has completely replaced and improved on the system we had in place before. A daily check-in is crucial to our team (I’ve relied on them for managing different-sized teams). We value both a daily check-in, as well as a quick call. Standuply easily lets us integrate the two, as it does so much customization. We also love the friction-free design in Slack. It's really easy for everyone to reply quickly, and the automated reminders – and deadline! – keep us all responsible. We've recommended Standuply to several of our fellow startup and YC founders.
Kwin Kramer
Co-founder & CEO at
With so many members of our team working on different projects at different times, having an async standup on Slack was an obvious solution to keep everyone in sync. Standuply made it incredibly easy to set up our standup, and the reminder messages provide a gentle nudge to keep everyone accountable!

Since we've started using Standuply, we've had multiple other teams come to us and ask how they can set up Standuply for their own team.
Bryan Kane
Software Engineer at Coursera
My team uses Standuply to run our stand ups. We were finding in person standups not efficient. Either we got the right data at the wrong time or people would forget to share what was important. Standuply is used every day and seeds many important conversations we would forget to have otherwise.
Marc Millstone
Engineering Lead at AI2
We love the asynchronous nature of Standuply. One of the biggest complaints with daily "in-person" standup meetings is that it's difficult to find a time slot that is convenient for everyone. Even worse is being "in the zone" working on a really hard problem and then having to break that for a status meeting.

Standuply serves as a daily "mission control" to help assess if we're moving fast enough and if we are focused on the right things.
Rob Rutkowski
Sales and Marketing Manager at Bliley Technologies
We're using Standuply to help our engineering team communicate and be more autonomous, allowing them to give a quick update in the morning, tag or raise issues and anyone they may need support from.

As a manager it's important for me to understand my team and provide them with tools that allow them to express themselves, as strong users of Slack, it just made a lot of sense for us to use Standuply to do that.
Jason Brown
Software Engineering Manager at LADbible Group
We tried having daily check-ins on Slack for a project that has several part-time, distributed people. Without Standuply, some folks would go days without an update, and at one point we missed a whole week of standups.

Now that we're using Standuply, we haven't missed a day.
Ben Taitelbaum
CEO at Coshx Labs
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