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Track and Share Team Goals via Slack/Teams

Share Sprint goals* with everyone on Slack/Teams by integrating Standuply with tools you use. As a goal tracker, it shares data from JIRA, Google Analytics, Trello, Github to keep the whole team on same page.

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step #1
You can attach data requests to your reports in Standuply. A data request captures information from a third-party service the team uses and attaches that data to an existing Standuply report inside Slack.
step #2
You choose a third-party service and connect it to Standuply. Then you select data need and attach it to a report in Standuply (each report has its timing and delivery settings).
step #3
On schedule, Standuply will capture and serve the data for your team in Slack/Teams. Be more transparent with your team about product's metrics.
Scrum Dictionary

Sprint Goal Definition

Sprint Goals align team members and the Product Owner on a shared mission for the iteration. Goals provide a sense of the direction and concrete milestones to be achieved during the Sprint.

Without goals, a team can work on tasks that lead to nowhere. Sprint Goals are mentioned on every team meeting motivating them to achieve it.

Try not to change a Sprint goal, and if the goal has changed it’s better to wrap up the current sprint and start a new one.
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What is Standuply?

Standuply is #1 standup bot. It runs asynchronous stand-up meetings and tracks team performance in Slack and Teams.

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