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Track and Share Team Goals via Slack

Share Sprint goals* with everyone on Slack by integrating Standuply with tools you use. As a goal tracker, it shares data from JIRA, Google Analytics, Trello, Github to keep the whole team on same page.

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step #1
You can attach data requests to your reports in Standuply. A data request captures information from a third-party service the team uses and attaches that data to an existing Standuply report inside Slack.
step #2
You choose a third-party service and connect it to Standuply. Then you select data need and attach it to a report in Standuply (each report has its timing and delivery settings).
step #3
On schedule, Standuply will capture and serve the data for your team in Slack. Be more transparent with your team about product's metrics.
Scrum Dictionary

Sprint Goal Definition

Sprint Goals align team members and the Product Owner on a shared mission for the iteration. Goals provide a sense of the direction and concrete milestones to be achieved during the Sprint.

Without goals, a team can work on tasks that lead to nowhere. Sprint Goals are mentioned on every team meeting motivating them to achieve it.

Try not to change a Sprint goal, and if the goal has changed it’s better to wrap up the current sprint and start a new one.
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What is Standuply?

Standuply is #1 standup bot for Slack. It runs asynchronous stand-up meetings and tracks team performance in Slack.

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