Lead Your Remote Team to Success

Automated daily standups for Slack and task trackers

 Easier data access

Faster than a call

Better for developers

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You can add the bot to your Slack team after you sign in

Standuply doesn’t replace live communications, it just makes them better

Highly productive teams within these companies like Standuply.

Standuply is Your Assistant

>Project/Product manage

Project/Product managers
use it to:

Track team’s progress
Monitor teammates’ mood
Detect blockers early
Scrum master

Scrum masters
use it to:

Run standup meetings
Gather retrospective notes
Keep the team on track

Save up to 40 working days in a year

On average a team of 8 people saves 40 man days in a year*
*- considering a daily usage of Standuply

Standuply Solves the Problems

You feel that standups
are not efficient
Managing a remote team
is challenging
Developers on your team
aren't talkative

Use text for some of your standups, save time and have all the answers in Slack and Trello.

Synchronize communications of your remote team using scheduled questions with this Slack bot.

Use text for those who feel it's a more comfortable way of communication.

How it Works

Configure a report online in Standuply.
Standuply interviews your team in Slack.
View answers in Slack and in a task tracker.

Standuply in Action

Report Templates

Report Templates
You can create reports from Standuply templates prepared for you. This way you can run your report within couple of clicks.

Standup template

Interview each team member for an overall daily progress.

Team’s mood template

Ask your team members to rate their current mood.

Retrospective template

Gather retrospective notes at the end of a sprint.

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